Tre Penny

Tomorrow, Saturday Feb. 4th, 9-11am on My guest once again will be a 17yr veteran Sgt. with the Dallas Police. Tre Penny, along with Eric Feinberg. Founder of GIPEC, a cyber-intelligence company.
Sgt. Pennie spoke about his federal
Lawsuit against Black Lives Matter, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, George Soros, Nation of Islam, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, HR Clinton, and many others. For inciting violence against Police Officers, in the aftermath of the 5 Police officers murdered on July 7th, in Dallas, Tx. This lawsuit has received national recognition. With attorney Larry Klayman.
As of January 2017 Sgt Pennie once again caught the nations attention ,as he filed yet another federal lawsuit against: Social Media Outlets, Facebook, Google, and twitter for providing material to support domestic terrorist and allowing the proliferation of radical material online, which placed officers lives in jeopardy! With attorney Keith Altman. Helping with this is Eric Feinberg. The founder of GIPEC, whose patented technology systems scan communication strands across the web and social media. Www.
Sgt Pennie has numerous college degrees, including, associates, bachelors, Masters and he is currently in his final semester of completing his doctorate degree! Sgt Pennies lawsuits garnered the attention of many governmental officials. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!! Get Educated, on History and black history.
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Anthony V. Naturale

Tomorrow January 14th from 9-11 I will have on my show, Ret. LT from Monclair NJ. Navy veteran , who joined during the Korean War in 1951. Anthony V. Naturale. Born from an Italian immigrant family, that came to USA through Ellis Island and landed in Newark,NJ. Later on moved to Montclair, and then Upper Montclair. He comes from a hard working family. After the Navy he joined the Montclair PD in February 1956. Moving up the ranks to LT. He was married to His beautiful wife Madeline. Nov. 10th 1956. (Recently deceased) they have 3 children. With 34 years of experience in all divisions of the job, including internal affairs, he decided to write a book. Which turned into several books. “Tough Tony” is 85 years young, and still works out everyday! He eats healthy and is on the senior Olympic team with 75 year old men. He’s tops on his team!! His latest book comes out next month “ALL COPS DON’T EAT DONUTS”. Listen to this amazing gentleman. From your phone download the free app “tune-in”, look for DDV RADIO, and then click on my show, “your world uncensored” enjoy!

JCPD Det. Ed Dolan

Tomorrow, Saturday Jan. 7th from 9-11am get ready for another great show. Download the app “Tune-In”, look for DDV RADIO, and then my show “your world uncensored”. My special guest is my brother in blue JCPD Det. Ed Dolan. He started his career in 1994, and became a Detective in 2001. He has been the President of the Jersey City Police Detective Benevolent Association, for the Past 12 years. He also runs The JCPDDBA FALLEN OFFICER FUND. This was the 1st Organization in the Country to start this walk.
We will also have two other guests calling in. Dallas Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, a 17 year veteran of Dallas Pd. He is the President of Dallas fallen officers fund. In Texas alone, they had 19 officers killed in the line of duty in 2016. Sgt. Pennie currently has a federal
Lawsuit against, Black Lives Matter, naming Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, Rev Al Sharpton, Malik Zulu Shabazz, New Black Panthers, George Soros, President Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton. For inciting race riots and violence. (Note: Sgt Pennie is a black male)
Also, Officer Jimmy Pollozani of the Dallas Fort Worth PD. He also assists Sgt. Pennie.