Lynn Regan

This Saturday, March 4th from
9-11am on My special guests will be Lynn Regan executive director of the CFC LOUD AND CLEAR FOUNDATION, NJ’s Recovery Community Organization, along with her son Daniel Regan. Recovering drug addict, ( marijuana, cocaine, opioids/heroin)with 6 years sober. Don’t miss this show, get educated and listen to their story. Daniel comes from a great family, parents married over 26 years, with 3 other siblings, and growing up in the suburb of Howell. He attended Howell HS, and transferred to Donovan Catholic. Offered a scholarship to Fairleigh Dickinson University. He attended as a medical student. His addiction spiraled out of control. Starting with marijuana in 6th grade… ultimately turning to Percocet/heroin in College. His Mothers love and determination finally getting him clean after the 4th attempt with rehabilitation and IOP. She never gave up on her son. They have been on almost every television channel, 101.5 with Bill Spadea. Chasing News ,and Chris Hansen, Crime watch Daily. Lynn also facilitates the parent sector of the foundation. Together, they make a fabulous team and have taken New Jersey and now the COUNTRY by STORM! For more information on the CFC Loud and Clear Foundation go to CALL IN WITH ANY QUESTIONS TO 973-925-4559!!