About Valerie

Tune into my show every Saturday 9-11am. With exciting live guests, some call-ins and a few repeats

My guests consist of retired and active Police Officers, corrections officers Sheriff Officers, FBI Agents, Federal Agents, Prosecutors, those helping law enforcement, psychologists, Fireman, teachers, Nurses and Doctors. All people making this world a better place to live.

This is a no-nonsense uncensored, not politically correct show. We tell it like it is and how we feel.

Feel free to call in and speak to my me or my guest(s) at 973-925-4559.

I am a retired Jersey City, NJ Police Officer, Member of New Jersey Honor Legion, Former member of POBA, a current
member of FOP, NJ BLUE NOW Public relations

Manager, NJ BLUE NOW writer, host of Blue World Uncensored, a wife, and Mother of an amazing son and daughter.

I look forward to connecting with you right here on Blue World Uncensored – LIVE – Saturdays 9-11am EDT