Ret NYPD DET Ralph Friedman

I’ve been waiting for this show for 2 years! Don’t miss tomorrow 8/26 starting at 9am on My guest is Ret NYPD DET Ralph Friedman the HIGHEST DECORATED OFFICER in the NYPD HISTORY!! A true hero “bad ass”. He started his career in 1970, and hit the streets in “Fort Apache” the Bronx 41pct. When he became a Det he went to the 52nd pct. He received 219 NYPD awards (including combat cross) 36 civilian honors and over 2000 arrests, 105 off duty. He was in 15 gun battles and shot 8 perps, including the 4 he killed. He has been shot at, stabbed, broke his hand twice, fractured is skull, and was smashed over the head with a tire iron. His career came to an early end in 1984. He has an amazing book out called “STREET WARRIOR”. His television series starts Sept 19th on the discovery channel at 9pm, “Street Justice, the Bronx.” His career took place when cops could be cops, and not deterred by “Political correctness” and politicians. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸